The Most Precious Thing You Own

Think for a minute about your life. Consider your personal belongings. If you were to size them all up against each other, what comes out on top in your mind as the most valuable thing you possess?

Is it your house? Your property holdings? A business? Maybe it’s your stock portfolio.

Now, let’s go a step deeper, past the cash value of each item, and re-evaluate your list based on what each item┬ámeans to you. Does the list change a little? Maybe now it includes your kids, your spouse, a pet, or other relationships.

But if we were to dig a little deeper, I’d be willing to bet that the most valuable, most precious, most important thing in your life isn’t on either list.

What is it?

The most precious thing in your life is your story. Think about it.

You have been working on your story since the day you were born.

Every day, you get up and add a chapter, and each page helps to write the page after it.

Your story is more unique than your fingerprint. With a little know-how, I could create an exact copy of your fingerprint, but no one could ever hope to duplicate your story.

Your story isn’t just a list of the events you experienced. It is everything about you, shaped and colored by your perspective, your personality, your unique gifts and skills, how you felt about every conversation you’ve ever heard, your schooling, your parents and siblings, your hometown, your time in history, and your relationships with your peers. It is mathematically impossible to exactly connect every dot in your life in the correct order.

If you had an identical twin, that person would have a completely different story from you. Even if you did everything together every day of your lives, you would still see things a little differently.

That is why we work so hard at Generation Bridge to capture people’s stories so accurately — because there will never be another you. Your story has elements that someone else needs to hear, and they can never hear it exactly the way they need to if they don’t hear it from you, with your unique voice and nuances. Your story represents hope to one person, a word of encouragement to another, a cautionary tale to others.

Even if you were a surprise to your parents, your life was not an accident or a mistake. You are in this world for a purpose, and your job is to figure out what it is and do it. Part of your purpose is to impact the lives of people around you. When you share your story with Generation Bridge, we will help you share your story with a world that needs it.

Chad Ketcher is the founder and Chief Storyteller at GenerationBridge Media. He lives in Texas with his wife, four teenagers, a dog, and a cat.