Why Do We Go To The Movies?
Because we love a good story, right?
Whether you prefer romantic comedies or thrillers or action adventures, you go to the movies to be swept up in a great story
What if I told you that the best, most entertaining stories are the ones you carry around with you?
  • Think of the funny stories your family used to tell around the dinner table
  • Or the uncle who told the stories from his time in the military that made you feel proud.
  • Think of the tears when grandma would talk about the time they lost everything.
Stories like those aren’t just entertaining. Those are the stories that make us who we are.
LaVerne didn’t think her stories would be interesting
After all, she didn’t find a cure for a disease, or hit a home run in the World Series, or hold a major public office. 

She just raised four kids on a farm in western Minnesota. It might sound boring to some people, but her stories were absolutely captivating.
Because her stories were real. We can identify with her stories because there is a little bit of our story in hers. And in her wisdom we find direction.
Because they take us back to simpler times. 
People are rediscovering shows like “Andy Griffith” because they create an oasis from our complicated modern lives.
She was full of surprises.
When she showed the video to her kids, even though she was 85 and they were all in their 50s, each one of them turned to her multiple times and said,
“I didn’t know that!”
How Often Do We Gather Around The Dinner Table?
Think about this: when you were growing up, how often did you and your parents eat dinner together? 

Every night? Several times a week?

How often did you gather with your extended family: cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relations?

Have we lost something valuable?
Most of us over the age oF 40...
... grew up in a situation where we had extended family nearby that got together at least a couple of times a month: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins everywhere, right? Even if your family didn’t, your friends’ families did. True?
Compare that to today.
How many of your extended family members live in the same state as you? How often do you see them?

Our lives have gotten complicated and our careers have flung us from one end of the country to the other. We’re losing our connection to our roots, and with it, an important part of our identity.
Use this area to tell your story.
Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.
Show how the traditional methods didn't work and you were super frustrated.
Then, you had an ah-ha moment that brought you the result, benefit, solution you were looking for.

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Have you noticed this?
Kids don’t know where they came from, so they don’t know the full picture of who they are. 

They are easily swayed to embrace other people’s values because they never learned what their family’s values were. They join gangs and clubs because they never felt the sense of belonging to a larger family.

Every human has an innate need for belonging and identity.
That's why family is the root of civilization.
There is something powerful about being a part of something bigger than yourSELF
has your family given you a sense of values and identity to embrace?
Have you passed that to your kids?
I want to tell you a secret that might SHOCK you...
Your kids and grandkids are WAITING for you to pass their values and identity to them.
People want to know who they are and where they came from...even if their family’s past has some shady moments in it (every family does). They want to be connected to something. 

And maybe more importantly, when it comes to living, time is running out. It sounds like a cliche, but you don’t have unlimited time to share your stories, values, and wisdom with your family.
What Would You Say?
I have never met anyone who, laying on their death bed, said, “I wish I had spent more time at work.” 

Nobody ever calls the office when they know their time is running out.

They reach out for family.

They do anything and everything they can to say the things they wish they had always said:
“I love you” 
“I’m proud of you” 
“I love who you've become” 
Aren't you tired of hoping that SOMEDAY you’ll get to hear about the heart of your family?
When are you going to find the chance to hear and share stories?
It’s time.
Myth #1:
My Story Isn’t Interesting
Simple things from your life that you take for granted are just the things that your children and grandchildren are interested in:

- What did you do for fun when you were a child?
- How did you and your spouse meet?
- What was your wedding day like?
- What did you do for holidays as a child?
- What was the old country like?
- What do you wish you could do differently?
- What was your favorite joke?

It’s not hard to find the stuff people care about. You just need someone to help you call up those memories. That’s what we do.
Myth #2:
I Have To Try to Remember Things In The Order They Happened
Time is a straight line, but life isn’t. Everything you’ve done is interwoven with everything else you’ve done, and everyone you’ve known, and everywhere you’ve been. No-one can remember everything in order, so we don’t ask you to. 

We’ll talk about specific events, relationships, and stories, in no particular order. Then you can build the links without confusing your audience (or yourself).
Myth #3:
I Freeze Up In Front Of The Cameras
I’ll make a deal with you. Can you tell me your stories - just you and me? Of course you can.

Then I’ll let my camera people do their thing while you tell me your stories. Don’t worry about them. You and I can drink coffee (or a beer, if you prefer) and talk about the things that have happened to you.
Myth #4:
I Won’t Know Where To Start
No problem. We’ll start with pictures that you can pick out before you arrive. I’ll give you all the questions and some memory prompts to help you start thinking about your life. 

Then we’ll ask simple questions to guide you through your stories. You just take us on a tour of your life…and we’ll steer.
Myth #5:
I Have Things In My Life I’m Ashamed Of
Don’t talk about them…unless you want to.
We’re not counsellors or lawyers. You don’t have to say anything you’re not comfortable saying. 

Some people have PTSD or a history of addictions they don’t want to talk about, so we don’t ask. On the other hand, some people, like Gordy, like getting some things off their chest.

Myth #6:
I Don’t Know How To Shoot and Edit Video
We do. We will come to your house (or a location of your choice), set up all the gear we need to make a documentary-quality video, edit the video, and then give you a DVD and a shareable YouTube link. 

All you have to do is tell the stories. We’ll do the rest.
Myth #7:
That Sounds Expensive
You understand the value of premium products created by professionals. You understand, perhaps better than most, that paying a little extra for quality is an investment. 

Don't tell Lori in Accounting, but we quietly worked out a couple of special offers that chop the price down quite a bit. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.


Creating a feature-length documentary, capturing your favorite stories from your life, words of wisdom, even your favorite recipes. 
What's included
A videographer will come to your home for a day of interviews with you and your loved ones. 
We’ll scan the pictures that represent the important moments of your life. 
We’ll produce a professionally-packaged DVD and a YouTube video for you to share. 
We will provide the interview questions, along with our unique Memoir Planning Toolkit
This package is now available for $14,997*
Don't forget, I haven't shared the easy way you can take 30% off of this price.
What Are You Waiting For?
You’ve worked hard to build a financial legacy for your family, but now you owe it to them to tie it up with a personal legacy that will give them a sense of identity - their place in this world.
It MAY SOUND morbid, but the truth is that you are not guaranteed another day on this Earth. 
How do you want to be remembered?
A 300-word obituary in the local paper? Is that all you want for yourself?

Is that all you want for your kids?

make a statement about who you have become, and the mark you made on this world. 
It will be one of the easiest and most rewarding things you’ve ever done. 

And it will be a blessing to your children and grandchildren for generations to come. 

Click the link below to book your interview. 
Once you decide on what fits your schedule, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. 

We’ll send you the questions and some tips for preparing for the interviews.

This is your moment to make a statement that will last. 

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